"The Fiendish Five


Clockwerk is a huge Russian Eurasian Eagle-owl, the main antagonist of the first game and is often established as the archenemy of Sly Cooper. A longtime rival of the Cooper Clan, Clockwerk is directly responsible for the murder of Sly's parents and made it his goal in life to destroy Sly's line. This obsession led him to slowly replace his organic body parts with robotic ones until his entire body, including his internal organs, was mechanized; this, combined with his jealousy and hatred of the Cooper Clan, made him essentially immortal. Ten years before the events of the first game, Clockwerk, along with his gang, the Fiendish Five, attacked Sly's parents and killed them before stealing the Thievius Raccoonus, a book recording the journeys and skills of all the ancestors of the Cooper line. Despite his knowledge of Sly's existence, he spared Sly's life in an attempt to prove to the world that the Cooper Clan was nothing without the Thievius Raccoonus, a belief that Sly quickly proved wrong.During the ending of the first game, Sly seemingly destroys Clockwerk, and his body parts are put on display in the Museum of Natural History in Cairo. In Sly 2, the Klaww Gang steals the Clockwerk parts, which Arpeggio eventually reassembles with the intent on fusing with them. However, Neyla beats him to the punch and does so herself, forming Clock-La. After a hectic battle over Paris, the Cooper Gang and Carmelita defeat Clock-La and destroy the Hate Chip, the power source of Clockwerk, which causes Clockwerk's body parts to wither away to nothing.

Sir Raleigh
Sir Raleigh is an anthropomorphic Welsh frog character from the video game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. He was born into a life of nobility and privilege, but grew bored with it. On a whim, he tried his hand at piracy, and discovered that he enjoyed it. Becoming addicted to crime, his tinkering genius earned him a seat in the Fiendish Five as Chief Engineer because of his fondness to make monster machines. After the attack on the Cooper home was completed, Raleigh took off with the notes of Rioichi Cooper. Years later, Raleigh had established himself near the Isle O'Wrath, situated in the center of his artificially created Welsh Triangle. Using his Storm Machine to wreck the local weather conditions, Raleigh wrecked a large number of vessels before Sly arrived. Boarding the Machine, Sly confronted the frog. Despite swallowing special bees and bloating to massive size to crush Sly, Raleigh was beaten. Right on cue, Carmelita Fox arrived to arrest him and his crew, ending the legend of the Welsh Triangle.He did not appear in Band of Thieves (except in a picture at a museum) or Honor Among Thieves, but made a cameo in the second issue of the Sly Cooper comics, in which he was depicted as an inmate at Heathrow Prison.

Muggshot is a massive anthropomorphic American bulldog. As a young dog he was the 'runt' of the litter, and was frequently bullied by larger dogs. He found solace only in mobster movies, and came to admire the tough, brutal criminals and how they took no guff from anyone. Inspired, he strove to be like them and started to lift weights and take steroids. Growing to massive size, especially in the arms, he eventually took revenge on his former victimizers and became a well-known enforcer and gunman, eventually being recruited by Clockwerk and taking part in the raid on the Cooper household that killed Sly's father. Muggshot took the section of the Thievius Raccoonus that contained "Tennessee Kid" Cooper's notes on rail walking and rail sliding, liking the pretty pictures but not really understanding all the big words. He eventually parted ways with Clockwerk, much later taking over Mesa City in Utah, installing a massive casino there and driving off the vast majority of the residents. The Cooper Gang broke into the facility, raiding Muggshot's various resources, Sly eventually breaking into Muggshot's penthouse lounge. Because of his massive size, Sly was unable to hurt him physically, Muggshot taking advantage of this and using his guns heavily. Sly was only able to hurt Muggshot by redirecting sunlight from various mirrors onto Muggshot's crystal garden, which in turn was magnified and fired at Muggshot, destroying his guns. He retreated to another level of the crystal garden to get new guns, but Sly followed him and defeated him once more. Taking refuge atop a mirror lined chandelier with a massive crystal in it, Sly redirected the mirrors onto the crystal a final time, frying the bulldog and forcing Muggshot to submit and give up the location of the next section of the thievieus Raccoonus. He was arrested by Carmelita soon after, but eventually escaped.In "Sly 3" he was a pilot in the ACES Airplane Tournament organized by Penelope/The Black Baron, apparently a repeat contestant renowned for his brutal, vicious tactics. He bribed a great number of the Baron's guards and launched a massive assault on the Cooper Gang's airplane hangar, one that was foiled by Bentley's various traps, Murray's determination and brute strength, and an assist from Penelope and her RC Chopper grappling cable. Punished by the Baron and kept under watch, he backed off until Bentley came and goaded him into a fight, the turtle using an insult to Muggshot's mother to enrage him enough to agree to the fight. The 'fight,' however, was part of an elaborate trap on Bentley's part, as at the same time Sly was luring Carmelita to the agreed meeting place. Carmelita was unable to resist going after Muggshot, the thug still angry and wanting revenge. The two had a firefight all around the town, Muggshot eventually falling to Carmelita's shock pistol. This in turn removed Carmelita as a threat to the Cooper Gang's plan, as the paperwork Carmelita would have to fill out after bringing Muggshot in was apparently substantial.Alias: Muggshot, "Two Gun Tony," "Meathead Muggshot".

Mz. Ruby
A large, anthropomorphic Haitian alligator who came from a long family of voodoo mystics. She was feared throughout her childhood for her abilities, becoming incredibly lonely and finding solace only in her undead companions. Growing up, this loneliness turned to bitterness, Mz.Ruby refining her art until Clockwerk recruited her as the mystic specialist for the Fiendish Five. She took part in the raid on the Cooper house, taking the section of the Thievius Raccoonus that contained Slytunkhamen's notes on how to become invisible. Once this job was over, she went out on her own, intent on using her magic to punish the world for fearing her as a child. According to her own words, her plans were to harvest bones and body parts and create an army of zombies to take over Mexico. Sly confronted her in her lair in Haiti, defeating the various spirits and demons she had summoned and breaking into her sanctuary. She challenged Sly to a rhythmic magic duel after defeating her first trap (making the jaws of her skull-shaped lair try to bite Sly), Sly defeating her and reclaiming the stolen section of the Raccoonus. She was arrested and sentenced to life in jail, as apparently undead creation was against the law.

Panda King
A Giant Panda born poor in China, Panda King loved the fireworks set off by rich noblemen every New Year. After spending a decade learning the art, Panda King attempted to offer his fireworks to the noblemen. They could not see past his poverty and chased him away. Enraged, he used the tools of his art for crime, becoming the demolitions expert of the Fiendish Five. After acquiring the Thievius Raccoonus' section containing the blueprints of Otto Van Cooper, Panda King set up shop in the Kunlun Mountains of western China. Building a massive explosives factory, he disguised it as a large temple-like facility. In order to finance his crimes, the Panda King pressured local villages for avalanche protection. If they refused, he would set off a firework that would bring a megaton of snow down on them. Panda King finished his brand new firework technique, Flame Fu, just in time to use it against Sly Cooper. Despite Panda King's impressive fighting style blending the martial arts of his homeland with his firework skills, he was unable to defeat Sly. The Panda King was thrown in jail by an irritated Carmelita Fox.

Klaww Gang

Constable Neyla
Neyla is an Indian clouded leopard with a lavender color to her fur, and the main antagonist in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Neyla grew up a poor child in New Delhi and scammed her way into an exclusive British university. While there, she used her strong powers of persuasion to create a homework ring of other students to do her work for her. When the ring was broken and she was discovered, the authorities were so impressed with her skills that they offered her a job at Interpol. When Neyla met Sly, she became his ally, but betrayed him in the third episode of Sly 2. Neyla acted as Arpeggio's protege, but betrayed his trust afterward by merging with the Clockwerk frame Arpeggio compiled and intended to merge with himself. She then became "Clock-La," the final boss of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. After Sly had beaten Clock-La, she crashed in Paris. Bentley bombed Clock-La making her disappear into the hate chip. Murray pried opened Clocwork's mouth so that Bentley could remove the Hate Chip, which was the source of the Clockwork parts power. However, the jaw slammed down on Bentley, paralyzing him for life. Despite all the attacks, the Clockwerk parts were still perfectly intact. But, a few minutes later, Carmelita arrived and, angry that she had missed Neyla, smashed the Hate Chip. This caused the parts to disintegrate, and has caused Neyla to die.Neyla's exact species has been highly debated by fans of the series. Originally thought to be a tiger, that notion was later changed when it was revealled that the markings on her fur where spots, not stripes. She is currently thought to be some kind of cheetah, though it is still unconfirmed.

The Chief Engineer of the Klaww Gang in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. He is an English anthropomorphic parrot, but he has tiny wings and an inability to fly. In search of a cure, he studied the notebooks of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo and others to invent numerous methods of self-powered flight. He came upon Clockwerk's blueprints and became inspired by his mechanical build and stole the parts with the rest of the Klaww Gang, he also manipulated the Klaww Gang into filling Paris with so hatred that he could use it to power the ClockWork Frame. Because the other members were using their shares for their own schemes, his protege, Constable Neyla, was sent to retrieve the parts from the rest of the Klaww Gang (and the Cooper Gang) under the cover of Interpol so he could rebuild Clockwerk, bind himself to the frame and become immortal. However, Neyla betrayed him and took the frame for herself. She crushed Arpeggio with her new body and presumably killed him by doing this.

The Contessa
The Contessa is a Czech black widow spider. Originally a criminal psychology student, Contessa married a wealthy aristocrat. However, only a few weeks after the ceremony, her betrothed mysteriously died (The Contessa had poisoned him to take possession of his estate and money). This act is probably a play on the fact that she is a black widow spider. Using her knowledge of criminal thinking and her newly inherited estate, she opened a rehabilitation clinic for criminals. She used hypnosis to cure criminals of their illegal urges, and gained a high position within Interpol. However the "criminal re-hab center" is actually a facility where The Contessa hypnotizes criminals to reveal where they've hidden their loot. In Bentley's words, "It dishonors both law enforcement and thieves at the same time!"When The Contessa escaped to her castle outside Prague, the Klaww gang (which she recently was a member of) gave her the Clockwerk eyes, which she tried to use to brainwash Inspector Fox, who already knew almost everything about The Contessa's crimes. Sly and the gang managed to get back the Clockwerk eyes and beat The Contessa after a few jobs. In the credits of Sly 2 The Contessa became a successful real-estate agent. Her body design (humanoid torso with abdomen and legs of a spider) is reminiscent of the drider creatures from Dungeons and Dragons.

Dimitri is a French Marine Iguana who was a promising young art student in France before his corruption. He developed his own style, dubbed "kinetic aesthetic", which was merely him swinging back and forth from a rope tied around his waist and painting the canvas when he swung by. It was rejected outright and Dimitri was cast out of the art community (Sly mentioned that the art world "wasn't quite ready for" that technique). Infuriated, he began forging old masterpieces as a way of punishing those with bad taste. Joining the Klaww Gang as the Forger, Dimitri set up a nightclub in Paris, drawing in patrons from all around the city. Funneling illegal spice sent from Rajan into the population by covering food with it, Dimitri contributed greatly to Arpeggio's plans. In addition, Dimitri modified the Clockwerk Tail Feathers for use as printing plates. Using their unique alloy, Dimitri could create an endless supply of counterfeit money. After several missions, Sly confronted Dimitri in his lair. Sly was quickly befuddled by Dimitri's strange English, which he had learned from watching music videos. Sly responds, "I have no idea what you're saying. And your suit sucks!" Insulted, Dimitri attacks. Dodging blasts of energy from Dimitri's ring, Sly beat the lounge lizard, retrieved the Clockwork tail feathers and ruined Dimitri's operation. Dimitri was shortly thereafter arrested by Carmelita Fox and Constable Neyla. The end credits for Sly 2 show Dimitri is a dance instructor on a cruise ship.

Jean Bison
Jean Bison is an anthropomorphic bison, who, during the Canadian Gold Rush of 1852, took one too many chances with his TNT he was using to carve out his mines and accidentally buried himself alive in an avalanche. The quick freeze kept him alive for over a hundred and twenty years, encased in ice, until global warming thawed his cave and he was released.Quick to go back to his antique ideology of conquering 'The Wild North', AKA Canada, Jean Bison started a lumber mill, and made quick money clearing land for track homes and strip malls, selling the lumber afterward for more profits. Quickly expanding his little domain, he got into the shipping business, and opened a rail and boat company that dominated North America, earning himself a place in the Klaww Gang as Chief of Transportation. Sly expresses a degree of pity for Bison, remarking that his actions would have made him a hero back in the 1850s, but now make him a villain in the present day.After robbing the Cairo Museum, Bison made off with Clockwerk's stomach, lungs and talons, quite a large portion, as said by Arpeggio over the phone with him. Sly wasn't sure what Bison was going to do with robot parts (and was particularly creeped out by Bison's decision to take Clockwerk's lungs and stomach), but the man found a way to introduce old ideology to advanced technology, using them to fuel his 'one-man war on nature,' as Sly calls it, using the stomach and lungs as engines on his best trains and the talons as super blades in his logging business, where he could clear a forest in hours.In a rare moment, Bison is not defeated by Sly or Murray, but by Bentley, who uses Bison's sawmill as a weapon against both him and his hired goons, until Bison collapses, most likely from exhaustion. In the end credits it was revealed that Jean Bison turned over a new leaf; instead of destroying the environment, he dedicated himself to saving the environment. Unfortunately, he was refrozen in ice when trying to rescue baby penguins.

Rajan is a bengal tiger that is known as ignorant and short tempered. He grew up poor in the streets of Calcutta, and after making a sizable profit from selling illegal spice on the black market, he set himself up as royalty by purchasing an "Ancestral" palace, where he recently acquired the Clockwerk wings to use as decoration on a statue. He had also transformed an abandoned temple in the middle of the jungle where he produced illegal spice in vast quantities. Rajan is notably the only member of the Klaww gang not to use all of his Clockwerk pieces in his evil schemes. Having the Clockwerk Heart to produce spices, he used the presumably useless Clockwerk Wings as decorations on his giant statue. After he was caught, and served his sentence, he got a job selling carpets in America.

General Clawfoot
General Clawfoot was only seen in Sly 2: Band of Thieves in the level A Tangled Web in Prague. The gang needed him in order to acquire information about the Contessa, therefore Murray had to carry him through the entire town to the Safe House. Bentley states that he is only afraid of fire and water which would kill him (along with the electricity from the patrol tanks' defense). The general showed resistance at first, but eventually told the gang everything they needed, when Bentley confronted him with his only weakness; a feather, as General Clawfoot was very ticklish.General Clawfoot was a bat."

Featured in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

General Tsao
General Tsao is an anthropomorphic Chinese rooster who is obsessed with his family line, believing it is superior to all others. This leads him to seek a wife from a bloodline he considers worthy. He apparently respected the Panda King during his criminal years, and thus wanted to marry the King's daughter so that his children would have the lineage of both himself and the Panda King (apparently not knowing that the Panda King was poor before his criminal years.). General Tsao is also known for being incredibly cruel, caring nothing for anyone but himself (Bentley even quoted that Tsao once kicked a puppy, twice.). He is also sexist, believing that as a woman, Jing King doesn't know up from down. This implies that he has no respect for her, other than the prestige that his bloodline will gain by merging with the Panda Kings'.Tsao is a powerful combatant, easily as strong and agile as Sly himself. In addition, he is a master of dark magic. In battle, he used this to unleash streams of fireballs, send waves of attacking arms across the ground, and summon dragon spirits. He later used this magic to unleash an army of vampires, and also to bring the dragon statue in his treasure temple to life, using it to attack the Cooper Gang.General Tsao's main weapon is a shield marked with a yin-yang symbol. In battle, a spinning array of blades emerges from the rim of the shield, essentially turning it into a large buzzsaw. The shield is also the model for Tsao's master computer avatar, a computer program he set to guard his personal files. Notably, Tsao is one of the only villains who Sly and the Gang never brought down on their own, due to his resourcefulness and ability to plan ahead. While every other adversary they faced was eventually brought down or destroyed, then hauled off to jail by Carmelita, the gang was forced to flee and instead leave Tsao's capture up to Carmelita's trickery.General Tsao's name is a play-on to the Chinese dish, General Tso's Chicken

Black Baron
The so-called "Black Baron" is merely an alias for Penelope based on Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Barron).

Black Spot Pete
Black Spot Pete is a green macaw who stole diving gear from Dimitri's grandfather. When Sly tries to talk to him, Pete refuses to speak to him and states that he can only trust his partner, Cantankerous Tim. After Sly steals a pirate disguise from Tim's agents, Sly disguises himself as Tim and talks to Pete again. After they engage in an insult competition, Pete feels comfortable and tells Sly that he lost his ship in a game of cards and the map to the stolen loot was stolen by Captain LeFwee.

Captain LeFwee
Captain LeFwee is a Scarlet Macaw and one of the antagonists in "Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves". Captain LeFwee is Bentley's arch-rival. Captain of the pirate vessel "The Death Hen", LeFwee stole the map to Reme Lousteau's diving gear and stolen loot from Black Spot Pete. This earned him the attention of Sly Cooper and co., notably Lousteau's grandson Dimitri. LeFwee proved himself a dangerous foe, as he had booby-trapped the map's container with dust to temporarily blind Penelope and later kidnapped her on Dagger Isle.Returning to Blood Bath Bay with Penelope as his prisoner, LeFwee found himself besieged by the Cooper Gang. After his ship's mast was wrecked, LeFwee tricked Sly into going after Penelope, when it was, in fact, a bomb made to look like her. Sly escaped, and the Guru brought in the giant squid, Crusher, a creature that the pirates fear. Bentley freed Penelope, but LeFwee knocked Bentley to the deck, preparing to kill him. However, Penelope engaged him in a sword fight, knocking him overboard and presumably feeding the overzealous parrot to the sharks.Captain LeFwee is incredibly self-centered, thinking of himself as infallible. It is actually a mask for his insecurity, as he quickly grows angered when it is suggested that he is second to anyone in anything, particularly in terms of intelligence (one reason why he hates Bentley so fiercely). He is also intolerant of failure and opinions that differ from his own among his underlings, and demonstrates this by putting them to death when displeased. More of an intellectual than most pirates, he would be rather refined were it not for his behavior and use of pirate slang.Captain LeFwee was also known to be attracted to Penelope, having taken her captive and forced her into a dress, even referring to her as his 'sweet pirate flower'. His hope was that once her teammates were gone, she could eventually come to feel the same for him (and so she would become a pirate like him). However, she never felt the same way for him, as demonstrated by her facing him in a duel. Apparently, his affections for her were not entirely genuine (or his rather short patience came into play), as he engaged her atop the ship's masts, and sardonically bids her farewell, mocking her fighting skills, if the player loses.Captain LeFwee is a brilliant strategist, having earned himself the title of "Smartest Man on the Seven Seas". Prior to the Cooper Gang's arrival, he had never been bested (or even equaled) in intelligence. However, for all his skill, he met his match in Bentley, who was pitted against him not only because of their roles as strategists, but because of his own feelings for Penelope.He is also a master swordsman, surprisingly deadly despite his small stature. His sword itself is formidable—an oversized, broad-bladed cutlass. LeFwee's left hand has been replaced by a hook, and though it is never shown in the game, promotional art for the game shows the hook to possess interchangeable gadgets (like a Swiss Army knife) such as a sword blade and a corkscrew. After Bentely freed Penolope, she had to fight LeFwee to defend Bentley in a sword fight because Bentley fell out of his wheelchair and was defenseless. Penolope beat LeFwee's in the sword fight. LeFwee is the first boss that is not fought and beaten by Sly, Bentley or Murray. After Penelope beats him, he is thrown off the ship, with a pack of sharks supposedly waiting to eat him.

Doctor M

Dr. M is the central antagonist in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Dr. M is an anthropomorphic mandrill who has tried to breach the defenses of the Cooper Vault on Kaine Island for years. However, the Vault has proved impenetrable, leading him to construct an enormous fortress around it. With his sinister genius, Dr. M has created all manner of defenses, including a force of mutant beasts. Dr. M has a large amount of knowledge on the Cooper family. This stems from the fact that Dr. M filled the role of Bentley in Sly's father's gang, rather like McSweeny filled that of Murray.When Sly Cooper and the Cooper Gang arrived on Kaine Island, they attempted to get past Dr. M's defenses to reach the vault. Unfortunately, his intellect proved too much for them, and they not only failed to open the vault, but also lost the Cooper cane. The Guru and Dimitri both attempted to recover it, but Dr. M was able to retrieve it using a mutated sea creature. Later, when Penelope eliminated his air defenses, Dr. M took control of a giant whale-dragonfly hybrid to attack Sly. He revealed his history to Sly, and seemingly lost the cane. In reality, he had attached a tracking device to it, allowing him to track Sly's movements through the vault. Going after him, Dr. M had a brief confrontation with Murray and Bentley, where he suffered defeat.Dr. M later engages Sly in a final battle, with Sly beating him to the edge of defeat. Sly then tries to convince him that not all Coopers are bad, giving him an example on how he and Bentley's relationship works. Dr. M is confused as Sly's father was "never much of a good friend." Sly then says that all Coopers are different even if they have the same bloodline. Dr. M refuses to believe this is all true and at that time Carmelita jumps in through the window (which was another way into the vault). Seeing how Sly and Carmelita are towards each other, Dr. M then takes a shot at Carmelita Fox, only for Sly to take it and for Carmelita to finish him. Later, as the Cooper Vault collapses, Dr. M refuses to leave, and thus is crushed by falling stones. Unwittingly, he facilitated Sly's relationship with Carmelita, allowing his enemy to fake amnesia.While originally a member of the first Cooper Gang, Dr. M felt that he was little more than a sidekick to Sly's father. Turning his back on his former teammates, he sought to steal the Cooper fortune for himself, it can be assumed from this that the prior Cooper Gang did not have the bonds of brotherhood that connect Sly's gang.It is implied that Dr. M had performed some of his gene-splicing experiments on himself to become stronger - possibly using McSweeny's DNA - as he was easily able to grapple with Murray without showing signs of weakening. He has also survived damage capable of defeating even the strongest enemy, repeatedly, without slowing down or even showing the slightest signs of fatigue. He has been repeatedly zapped by Carmelita's Shock Pistol, bashed many times by Sly's cane, held into the air to receive many thousand bolts of electricity, and still manages to give Sly a concussion. He also had a computer interface built into his skull. This device, visible on his head as resembling a giant plug, allowed him to hook up to various weaponry. Among these are the largest specimens of his mutant creatures, which include:
Mutant Primate: A giant creature that Dr. M controlled while attempting to kill Sly, it also engaged Carmelita and Lt. Gronk's mercenaries in battle. It was last seen drifting out to sea on an Interpol boat with Carmelita, who presumably defeated it.
Mutant Fish: One of Dr. M's sea creatures, it possesses an appearance similar to that of an anglerfish. Equipped with explosive starfish-like disks, laser web generators, tentacles, and suction force, it was defeated after a fight with Dimitri.
Whale Fly: Created from a fusion of a whale, a dragonfly, and multiple machine parts, the Whale Fly was equipped with missiles and energy field emitters. Sly was able to defeat it using the Cooper Gang biplane.
Dr. M's final weapon, which he used during his showdown with Sly and Carmelita, was a module that attached to the top of his head. Equipped with several spider-like legs, it also had a built in propeller that allowed Dr. M to fly. Other features included a missile launcher and a generator which could produce either electricity, fire, or water as attacks. Balls of all three could be released, and Dr. M could also slide across the ground to leave a trail of them. Another of his attacks involved leaping into the air and slamming down on the ground, sending out a ring of energy. When hooked up to a slide laser emitter in the Cooper Vault Inner Sanctum, the module allowed Dr. M to fire a powerful laser beam while protected by a force field. After his battle with Sly, it appears Sly has broken all but two of the spider-like legs off. After Carmelita shows up and engages in a ranged battle with Dr. M, she destroys the remaining legs, thus causing him to topple over. He is voiced by Rick May.

Octavio is an anthropomorphic Italian lion in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. When Octavio was younger everybody loved to hear him sing opera, though when he is just about to become famous, everyone's taste of music changed to rock. He is then recruited by the mob, due to members enjoying his singing, and soon rises up to become a mob boss. When Sly Cooper and Bentley arrive in Venice looking for Murray, Octavio is all but in control of the city. His main scheme was to blow up and sink buildings from the push of a button as well as polluting the waterways with tar. As Octavio rides the ferris wheel Sly hears in his phone conversation with an unknown person named Giovanni that the ferris wheel is actually the pump that pollutes the water. Bentley and Sly hack into the ferris wheel when Octavio leaves causing it to spin out of control and break (Octavio's pollution killed a tank full of fish which seriously upset Bentley). During that mission, Sly took pictures of Octavio doing this incriminating act and attempted to send the photos to the cops but one of Octavio's henchmen on the inside take them before they were seen. His only resistance is Interpol forces-including mercenaries-under Carmelita Fox and Lt. Gronk. He is eventually defeated and arrested. Sentenced to prison for 30 years, he becomes the opera success he'd always wanted to be with most his fans already in prison. Despite his advanced age, he is still a formidable opponent in hand-to-hand fighting, as Murray is only able to defeat him when Sly creates pools of tar to slow Octavio down (this will not effect Murray however). In addition to his fists, Octavio can also use his voice as a weapon, as shown during the second half of his battle with Murray. Octavio is voiced by David Scully.

Mask of Dark Earth
The Mask of Dark Earth is an ancient, evil artifact that represents the evil earth spirit. Until the recent events of episode 2 of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, it was being protected by the Guru. The mask was originally hidden in an underground cave in the Australian outback. It was reawakened when the miner's equipment dug into its "prison". The mask moves on its own, floating in mid air, possessing people to do its bidding. While under its control, the wearer becomes a constantly enraged giant. The Mask of Dark Earth is destroyed in Operation: "Moon Crash", although not by the original plan. After complications in the plan, the Mask ends up attached to Carmelita Fox and, due to the failed attempt to put her to sleep, the chemicals of Bentley's sleep darts cause the Mask and Carmelita to grow at least ten times larger than the mask would normally make her. The Mask is finally destroyed after Sly climbs the gigantic Carmelita and tricks her into breaking the Mask's restraints, causing the mask to fall off where Carmelita's mercenaries shot it until it finally explodes (killing them in the process).The Mask has the ability to strengthen any wearer, its wearer can only be an evil person who shows almost no humanity, The mask can allow the wearer to split him or herself & duplicate clones, If one clone had the mask pryed off, the duplicates would obliterate & create pain upon the original wearer that duplicated themselves & cause an enormous shockwave of destructive energy emit from the wearer. The mask also performs the darkest magic, There is no way to destroy it unless the wearer takes off the mask.

Featured in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

El Jeffe
El Jeffe is a confirmed boss from the upcoming video game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He is an anthropomorphic tiger who, for unknown reasons, shoots fire or lightning from his hands. His name means "the boss" or "the leader". He also is the only known boss to be in the game. Currently, not anything else is known about him." (Wikipedia article: List of Sly Cooper Characters)