Sly 2 Band of Thieves

"Two years have passed since Sly Cooper defeated Clockwerk. The game begins with Sly, Bentley and Murray breaking into the museum of natural history in Cairo, in order to steal and destroy the Clockwerk parts, so that the threat will never return. After going smoothly, the heist is suddenly ruined, as it appears that the Clockwerk parts have already been stolen. Carmelita Fox appears and accuses Sly of stealing the parts, but her new assistant, constable Neyla suggests that the Cooper Gang isn't actually behind it, and that it resembles a "Klaww Gang" job. After a quick getaway, they start their research about the mysterious Klaww Gang, and begin to pursue them.The hero of the game, Sly Cooper in a confrontation with an enemyThe first Klaww Gang member is Dimitri, a misunderstood artist who now owns a nightclub in Paris. Dimitri uses the Clockwerk tail feathers for money printing. After a series of jobs, Sly defeats Dimitri and steals the feathers. Dimitri is arrested by Carmelita and Sly and the gang escape. The second Klaww Gang member is Rajan, a powerful Indian "spice lord" who is in possession of the Clockwerk wings and heart. After obtaining the wings, Rajan flees with the heart into the jungle. Obtaining the heart results in a fight where Sly and Murray get trapped, and arrested along with Rajan by the Contessa, who runs a prison center of hypnosis in Prague. Bentley immediately heads for the prison, where he finds out that the Contessa is really a secret Klaww Gang member who hypnotizes prisoners to tell her where their loot is. He then manages to break Sly out and, after a series of jobs, they free Murray. After a break, they pursue the Contessa to her castle estate where, despite the small war between her and Neyla, they steal Clockwerk's eyes from the Contessa and she is arrested by Neyla. After surviving the nightmare in Prague, the gang traces the spice sendings from Rajan and head north, to Canada. Here, they find another Klaww Gang member, Jean Bison, who was once frozen down during the 19th century, but brought back to life due to global warming. The gang has to steal the Clockwerk's stomach and lungs from Jean, who uses them as machine parts for his trains. After stealing all the parts, the gang escape from the scene. The gang then follows Jean Bison to a wasteland of chopped trees, where he has a sawmill. On this location, he hides the Clockwerk talons, using them to cut down trees. The gang challenge him to a series of competitions known as the Lumber Jack Games, in which they cheat. Bison discovers this and they are knocked out. Jean later tells them that he found and sold all the Clockwerk parts to the last Klaww Gang member Arpeggio. With help from Sly, Bentley defeats Jean Bison in a fight, where the area is covered with traps that Sly controls on Bentley's command. Murray manages to make an exit, and they all rush to hide inside the Northern Light battery, which is lifted up to Arpeggio's giant air fortress. Jean is later arrested and jailed, though it is not shown.Aboard the air fortress, Sly infiltrates the main blimp where the Clockwerk parts are being reassembled, and finds that Neyla has been working directly for Arpeggio. Confronting Arpeggio, Sly discovers that Arpeggio has converted his blimp into an enormous transmitter which will unleash a hypnotic light show of hate over Paris and (with its population having been made susceptible to hypnosis, courtesy of Dimitri feeding spice to the entire city), the lights will cause an enormous wellspring of hatred which Arpeggio will channel into the Clockwerk frame with him inside it, causing him to become immortal. Suddenly, right before Arpeggio enters the Clockwerk frame, Neyla pushes Arpeggio aside, entering the frame herself. She kills Arpeggio, names herself Clock-La, and flies off. The gang starts disabling the airship's engines to weaken Clock-La. They then send a signal to Carmelita who has agreed to help them, and she arrives in a helicopter. They engage in a final shootout with Clock-La, who then crashes into the airship's main engine and shatters the fortress. Sly makes his way back to the Northern Light Battery after the fortress collapses. Sly beats Clock-La, and they crash land in Paris. Clock-La is then unable to move. Murray opens up Clock-La's head, so that Bentley can finish her by planting bombs around her hologram head and then remove the hate chip, the center of Clockwerk's power. On his way out of the mouth, Clockwerk's beak falls down and crushes his legs. Murray saves him, but Bentley is unable to walk for the rest of his life. The gang makes a quick exit as Clockwerk's body explodes. Carmelita arrives in her helicopter and puts the gang under arrest, but not before destroying the hate chip, causing Clockwerk's parts to age and decay, destroying him forever and killing Neyla. Sly turns himself in, in return for letting his friends go, and Carmelita accepts. During the helicopter ride to the station, Sly and Carmelita start getting more friendly, and Sly parachutes out of the plane as he realizes that it was fixed to fly in circles by his friends before they left and listens to Carmelita say " I'll find you Cooper". As the ending credits role, the statuses of the Klaww Gang members are shown. It is also pointed out that Sly's whereabouts are still unknown and that Carmelita is still searching for him." (Wikipedia Article: Sly 2 Band of Thieves)